Coffee pouring and overflowing a cup on a table. "Hubris" is written in the coffee. The cup says "A 24-Hour Podcast Project."

Welcome to Hubris

Can you make a fiction podcast from scratch in 24 hours?
We're sure going to try!

We've now completed three rounds and things are heating up!

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Hubris is a labor of love from a chaotic group of podcasters who decided a 24-hour podcast challenge sounded like a good idea.

Six teams participated in the first round of episode creation in December 2020, each making a standalone piece in a single weekend. The second round was made up of ten teams and took place in March 2021. The upcoming third round will be capped at ten teams and will take place in August/September 2021, with dates to be announced.

Produced by Caroline Mincks, Anne Baird, and Tal Minear.


  • How does it work? With a large group of podcasters from around the world, we'll be assembling several Creative Teams made up of writers, audio producers, and voice actors to create a single-episode fiction podcast within a 24-hour period from start to finish. Once the creation period is up, we'll schedule the release of all of the episodes in a public feed for everyone to enjoy!

  • Do I have to stay awake for 24 hours straight? Oh absolutely not! Writers only have to be awake when writing, voice actors when recording, and audio producers when they're working on sound design. Now, that doesn't mean you can't stay up for the entire 24-hour period, but that's up to you and we would recommend against it. Please get some sleep.

  • How can I participate? If you'd like to participate in future rounds of Hubris, complete our sign-up form to be contacted when we start working on the next round!

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Hubris: A 24-Hour Podcast Project

Want to participate in future rounds of Hubris?
Complete the form below to be contacted when we start working on the next round!


Round 3: "LEGEND"

Theme: "Legend"
Production Period: August 21st-22nd, 2021

Teams for Hubris Round 3 were given the theme of "Legend" and allowed to outline and brainstorm their episodes ahead of time. We had seven teams participate in this round and they created some amazing episodes!

Episode 1: "Ghost Light"
Created by Team 1: Sunrise

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On the eve of the opening night of their play, playwrights Ilya and Ross argue about who should fix the problem spotlight in their theatre, the purpose of art, and whether or not tour groups about the ghostly nature should really be allowed in the theatre before opening night.

Content Warnings: Intense arguing and implied death.

Episode 2: "#RenWatch"
Created by Team 2: Renegade

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A pretty girl? A legend? Reddit? What could possibly go wrong? Danny just wanted to help out the neighborhood, but they're left putting the pieces together to see what really happened to their friend Finn.

Content Warnings: Food insecurity, sexual predatory behavior, language, body horror, ableism, screaming, physical altercation, and possession.

Episode 3: "The Real Treasure"
Created by Team 3: The Ne'er Do Wells

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While searching for a legendary treasure, a pirate crew has some unexpected guests.

Content Warnings: Strong Language, Discussions of Kidnapping.

Episode 4: "To Dream Once More"
Created by Team 4: The Bleary Eyes

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A questing hero is in desperate need of someone to help them on their quest, and is in luck when a stranger appears to help them out. But like any good tale, they're going to need a lot more help to find the god of this forest...

Content Warnings: Magical violence, and life-threatening situations

Round 2: "SPRING"

Theme: "Spring"
Production Period: March 13th-14th, 2021

Teams for Hubris Round 2 were given the theme of "Spring" and allowed to outline and brainstorm their episodes ahead of time. We increased the number of teams for this round from six to ten, and all were able to complete their episodes within the 24-hour period!

Episode 1: "Not Safe For Work"
Created by Team 1: Sprong John Silver

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It was a simple job: Get in, kill the target, get out. And it would have been perfect if not for an unexpected bystander. Alexander's solution? Take the bystander with her.

Content Warnings: Violence, gunfire, murder, kidnapping, and cursing.

Episode 2: "The Green Heart"
Created by Team 2: DAWk Side

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A skeptical lumbercutter is recruited by their local temple for a dangerous journey into the underworld and a mission to rescue the world from an aeons-long winter.

Content Warnings: Mild cursing, extreme weather, body horror, and sounds of pain and screaming.

Episode 3: "The Dance Of The Seasons"
Created by Team 3: Promises

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Leucojum and Thistle reminisce about their relationship and discuss their future together before the Spring Solstice forces them apart for another year.

Content Warnings: Arguing, intense weather, and startling noises.

Episode 4: "Springs Eternal"
Created by Team 4: Hey You Yes You Over There

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Two robots alone in the rubble of humanity; two AIs watching from above, and a healthy dose of 18th century poetry. In the future, hope ... well, you know. Content warnings for this episode are: discussions of death.

Episode 5: "Extreme Ornithology"
Created by Team 5: Wingin’ It

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After falling asleep on a cruise ship, an American pigeon, Franklin, finds himself stranded in Melbourne, Australia. With the help of an eccentric ibis and a protective magpie, our young birb has one chance, maybe, to make it back home - youtuber and Extreme Ornithologist Jay Talon is heading home, and has a permit to take specimens back with him. But Franklin isn't the only bird with his eye on the prize…

Content Warnings: Intoxication, birdnapping, and a bird attack.

Episode 6: "In The Heist"
Created by Team 6: Not A Musical

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Four plucky thieves risk maim and mayhem as they attempt a high-stakes robbery in this not-so-musical adventure: In the Heist.

Content Warnings: Mild cursing.

Episode 7: "Spring Will Bloom"
Created by Team 7: Igor Stravinsky Defense Fund

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When you awake, two gentle voices welcome you. Remember to breathe —and Spring will bloom.

Content Warnings: Death, violence, tension, orders, rites, sacrifice, and mentions of weapons and blood.

Episode 8: "Keepers of Spring"
Created by Team 8: Heart Full

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The three spirits of spring are responsible for setting up the new season. However, they'll have to set aside their bickering if they'll want to bring forth the beauty of Nature.

Content Warnings: Mild family conflict.

Episode 9: "Rebirth"
Created by Team 9: [Redacted]

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In the depths of the Underworld, there is, sometimes, a door… For most people, dying is the end of the line. But for one curious soul, it's the start of a much wilder journey- one that puts them on a direct collision path with a garden of eternal spring and the enchanting guardian inside of it.

Content Warnings: Mentions of death, afterlife, fantasy-typical magical agreement logic, as well as depictions of plant imagery horror and body horror.

Episode 10: "I Hope I Don't Burn It All Down"
Created by Team 10: Tenderhearted

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It’s time for the new Spring to take over from Winter. But she’s having some doubts about her ability to usher in the new season. With some help from Summer and Autumn, will she be able to make the flowers grow without, well, burning it all down.

Content Warnings: Brief mentions of fire, brief depiction of near-drowning.

Round 1: "All-Nighters"

Theme: "All-Nighters"
Production Period: December 12th-13th, 2020

For the first round of Hubris, our teams were randomly assembled and provided with the theme "All-Nighters". Teams were allowed to brainstorm ahead of time, but all the episodes were made within 24 hours on December 12th and 13th, 2020.

Episode 1: "Hope on the Horizon"
Created by Team 1: Think Tank

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Miles above the Earth, an astronaut faces a life-or-death repair. Safe on the ground down below, an amateur ham radio operator struggles to stay awake for an extra-special aurora. Among solar storms and accidental connections, a little perspective might be just what they need.

Content Warnings: Allusion to death, a radiation storm, and extreme space weather.

Episode 2: "Exit, Pursued by a Ghost"
Created by Team 2: The Audrey 2s

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An understudy is tasked with learning the lead role overnight before making their big debut. The trouble is, that’s a bit difficult to do when the theatre is distractingly haunted...will the ghosts help or hinder their attempts to get off-book?

Content Warnings: Some swearing and sword fighting sounds.

Episode 3: "Just Wait for Dawn"
Created by Team 3: Hey You

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Sometimes you think you're alone in the building, working all night, facing a deadline come morning. And then sometimes, the deadline is... surprisingly literal. Four unlikely companions face uncertainty together while the world falls apart around them in the last few minutes before dawn. Not for the faint of heart.

Content Warnings: Sirens, screams, explosions, depictions of violence and gore, and themes of horror. This episode is designed to be listened to on headphones or stereo speakers.

Episode 4: "Mirror, Mirror"
Created by Team 4: Wizards At Podcasting

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Every adventurer knows that Eliana is the artificer to see about all your broken magical equipment. But when a brash and foolish customer barges into her shop with a talking mirror on the fritz, what she thinks will be a simple repair job becomes something else entirely. There's much more to this chattering artifact than meets the eye.

Episode 5: "Idle Eternity"
Created by Team 5: Delta

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A found family of five vampires (and their vampire pup) pull an all-day-er on their family vacation to visit all the best tourist traps in Paris.

Episode 6: "Twisted Wishes"
Created by Team 6: NothingRhymesWithPurple

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At the stroke of midnight two friends will try and summon a spirit to grant their wish, but nothing is ever that easy...

Content Warnings: References to Witchcraft and the occult, strong language, discussion of near death experiences, memory loss.